About APS

Plant Refurbishments

  • Return to factory
  • Fully refurbish/replace, upgrade and modify to suit customer needs
  • Transport to site
  • Install & commission
  • Training
  • Spare parts
  • After sales support
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We evaluate & assess plant performance such as:

  • Diagnostics on all major motors to detect early signs of deterioration
  • Regular data logging on burner performance/emission and fuel usage
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Productivity Improvements

We evaluate individual areas & compare against design parameters such as:

  • Regular data logging on plant capabilities (to establish areas effecting productivity and profitability, etc)
  • Experienced engineers capable of performing tests on all types of plant
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Thermal Imaging & Energy Loss Reports

  • Assess efficiency of dryer operation
  • Assess efficiency of bitumen storage tanks
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We offer the following plant services:

  • Burner service
  • Bag Filter service
  • Load cell calibration
  • Pyrometer calibration
  • Dryer tracking
  • Screen service
  • Bitumen storage systems (temperature calibration, energy saving)
  • Advise replacement parts
  • Advise maintenance programme
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We inspect asphalt plants of any manufacturer to establish areas in need of refurbishment or replacement/upgrade.

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Plant inspections available upon request


We evaluate, assess & undertake plant upgrades such as:

  • Load cell conversion
  • Computer/PLC upgrade
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All types of plant upgrades applicable